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The purpose of this website it to, hopefully, make the average citizen aware of the lies, deceit and misinformation that has been perpetuated on them by the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. Our mission is to prove to you that natural cures are available that will halt diseases in their tracks, for very little money and no side effects.  We will prove that what we are saying is backed up by the top research scientists.

We wish people could see the co-relation between the rise in fast foods, food preservatives, and the many other toxic chemicals that our bodies have to deal with on a daily basis and the rise in disease. From the looks of it, there is only one species on this planet that is stupid enough to think that any of these processed/fast foods should be classified as foods. This species is suffering from many diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, dementia, and obesity. They also claim to be the most intelligent species on the planet, and yet we’re feeding these “foods” to our own children and wondering why they’re contracting these diseases. Any guesses to which species I’m referring too? We have always classified ourselves as number one in intelligence, when even the most primitive form of life knows better then to eat our poisonous diet. Have you ever seen an animal in the wild contract ANY of our disease? I sure haven’t, and living in the country, I’ve seen my share of animals. People just don’t realize that good health depends entirely on your lifestyle (exercise/diet/etc), and not at all what your drug dealers are advertising.

Do you realize that there is no profit in finding cures and even though, well intentioned, fund raisers are a farce as there has never been any intention to finding cures but instead, filling the pockets of the deceivers.  Fundraisers for cancer have been going since the 1940′s.  They know there is no cure as it’s self inflicted but they have no problem taking your money.  Stop the madness people.

The only way to make their money, maintain their power, and keeping themselves from going bankrupt is to keep on making synthetic, toxic “medications” that do not cure anything but only mask the symptoms or slow the progression with, of course, some terrible side effects we wouldn’t even wish on our worse enemy. Even though most people might not agree, finding a cure does not make more money, constantly creating new ways to detect and treat the disease for the rest of the patients life will. What these companies will never tell us is that the cure for all, lies in how we live our lives.

People seem to think science today knows exactly how the body works and everything about it’s many functions. But I hate to tell you, the amount they DON’T know FAR exceeds the amount they do know, and most of what they do know is completely wrong and has nothing to do with the health and well being of the people, but to line the pockets of their dealers.

The only thing we ask is that you never take our word for it, take the time to investigate it for yourself. Just please keep in mind the huge amount of money being made on the sick and the diseased, please do not take the opinion from just one site, also, for obvious reasons, you shouldn’t take the opinion from someone who is on the drug companies payroll. And above all please don’t believe someone just because they have some piece of paper, all that means to us is that they learnt everything the drug companies taught them.

Tremendous information has finally emerged thanks to the internet.

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